Friday, December 21, 2007

Fresh news from fascistic Putin's Russia.

Dear friends,

A Radical Party activist Serge Konstantinov was arrested again in Friday's evening, and police unlawfully keeps him in the police department "Arbat" in the centre of Moscow. Yesterday Serge, as approx. 20 other men and women, took part in the legal and nonviolent street's action in support of coordinator of OBORONA ("DEFENCE") youth oppositional movement Oleg Kozlovsky, who was unlawfully conscribed in the army these days according to "advice" of the FSB-KGB.

Police officer, in the rough form, said to Serge this midnight that he will be arrested (after tomorrow's so-called "justice decision") on 15 days, i.e. during the Christmas and New Year's eves Serge risks to "celebrate" at the Moscow's prison, not at home, with his wife Katya.

I shall inform you about fresh news concerning Serge and other arrested people these days.

Sincerely, -
Alex Moma,
Nonviolent & Transnational Radical Party activist,
"Free Radicals" press-secretary (

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