Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sites of civil activists who are takes part in the protest campaign against "anti-pedophilic" paranoia:




Death of jazz-legend

Freddie Hubbard, widely regarded as the most gifted jazz trumpeter of the post-bebop '60s and '70s, died Monday at Sherman Oaks Hospital in Los Angeles. He was 70.

The cause of death was attributed to complications from a heart attack he suffered Nov. 26, according to Dave Weiss, his longtime manager.
(Los Angeles Times)


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cite from Russian Post-Modern Writer.

- Why does it happen that all these people who were so thoroughly and publicly soul-fucked every day since they were born are so afraid to touch someone who was allegedly fucked up the ass?

- It's because they want to keep absolute anal virginity for their Lord, this is very important in their religion.

Victor Pelevin. "ППППП" M., 2008.