Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fucking politically correct paranoia of "struggle against smoking" is to be continued? But where's our noisy riot?!

One week ago England prohibited cigarette-smoking in the public places. It's happened under and because of strong pressure of stupid and shameful modern E.U. bureocracy and the new international moralistic totalitarian sect - World Health Organization (W.H.O.).

Nobody of officials being confused, that such decisions are the rough violation over human rights and humiliation of human dignity. And what the prognosis of "health experts"? I laughed sarcastically then I red in the last week's "St.-Petersburgh Times" that only 1 (one!) percent of Englishmen, as it expects, will break smoking as a result of these new unhuman laws!

Why the authorities doesn't agree with positive and non-discriminating experience of 90s, when the smokers and non-smokers were separated from each over by creating special places for both in pubs and cafes?.. Why today, instead of this positive decision of the last century's end, we becomes witnesses of total and shameful tobacco prohibitionism all over the world? And how this fact would cooperate with the modern liberal, and sometimes even libertarian, democracy of the civilized world?..

Fuck anti-smokers!
Fuck W.H.O. officials!
Fuck murders of private rights!

Although I'm a member of Gnostic CHURCH, I completely agree with the author.

Religion is exoteric and spirituality is esoteric.

Religion focuses on the outer person (appearance or expression), while
spirituality focuses on the inner person (thoughts, feelings, and so

Religion is form and spirituality is substance.

Religion copies and imitates, but spirituality discovers and

Religion fills; spirituality overflows.

Religion brings routine. Spirituality brings freedom.

Religion values ceremony. Spirituality values meaning.

Religion imposes rules. Spirituality declares universal truths.

Religion says people are bad. Spirituality says they are good.

Religion empowers others. Spirituality empowers oneself.

Religion is the painting. Spirituality is the flower.

Religion looks to the past. Spirituality looks to the future.

Religion takes discipline. Spirituality takes curiosity.

Religion burdens. Spirituality lightens.

Religion persuades. Spirituality explains.

Religion fears. Spirituality seeks.

Religion defines. Spirituality expresses.

Religion teaches longsuffering. Spirituality teaches patience.

Religion takes away. Spirituality affirms.

Religion limits. Spirituality expands.

Religion requires the acceptance of a belief in place of experience;
Spirituality requires the release of beliefs that hinder experience.

Religion is a bandage. Spirituality is the scalpel.

Religion obscures. Spirituality uncovers.

Religion is the haven of the fearful. Spirituality is the playground of

the joyful.

Religion dulls. Spirituality sharpens.

Religion hushes. Spirituality laughs.

Religion cries tears of guilt and shame. Spirituality cries tears of
release and joy.

Copyright 2007 by Steve Baxter

--from the new book Revolutionary Spirituality: Awakening to Your True
Self by Steven E. Baxter

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Project of My Possible Speech in Helsingin Gay-Pride Meeting in June, 30, 2007, there I was.

Dear friends,

I'm Alex Moma, from Moscow, and I’m glad to be with you, with free people in such free and democratic European country, as Finland.

I’m glad to greet you from the name of Nonviolent (Transnational) Radical Party, that supports Gay-Prides and LGBT-struggle all over the world, and from the name of Moscow’s "Free Radicals" Libertarian Movement.

As you may know, Russian activists of Radical Party – Nikolay Alekseev, Nikolay Khramov and Sergey Konstantinov were going to take part in Moscow’s Gay-Pride of this year, in May, 27. That our Pride was unlawfully prohibited by Moscow’s authorities, it was prohibited under strong pressure of nazi’s clerical and imperialistic circles of Putin’s Russia. Then our activists, as organizers of Pride, decided, according to such situation and for avoiding of mass violence during that manifestation, to limit ourselves by delivering the special petition – in support of our rights on that Pride – to Moscow’s Mayor Y. Luzhkov, petition, supported by fifty deputies of European Parliament. But on the way to the Mayor’s office on Tverskaia street, the police began, absolutely unlawfully, to arrest our activists, and then was a violence from the side of Moscow’s clerical nazis, concerned, particularly, Radical Party’s deputy of European Parliament Mr. Marco Cappato, who later was arrested also, concerned a member of Radical Party’s General Council Mr. Ottavio Marzocci, concerned a member of German Bundestag Mr. Folker Bekk, and other supporters of Pride.

Judicial farces according to fabricated police’s reports against Nikolay Alekseev, Nikolay Khramov and Sergey Konstantinov, who were arrested that day and then unlawfully were retained almost 24 hours, but not 3 hours, as it demands by the law, in the police department, crawled during all last month. There was a serious risk of they would be sentenced to administrative arrest in the inhuman Russian prison’s conditions, but the presence of European, German and Russian deputies, as witnesses of a true picture of events of 27 of May, in the Moscow’s court in the last days of May, had, probably, saved a situation. But later, in June, the judge returned their guilty and sentenced all three activists to paying a fine in the sum of one thousand rubles from the each sentenced man. Particularly, that verdict says that the testimonies of European deputies in support of our activists were consciously false! It’s an additional international scandal, isn’t it?

Dear friends,
I want to inform you that not only discrimination and provoking of stable public hate to LGBT, but also denial of their, and not only their, rights on freedom of nonviolent manifestations are the essential parts of president Putin’s regime in Russia. This political regime calls himself as “a sovereign democracy”, but de facto it is a fascistic dictatorship of new, special type, based on anti-European rhetoric, militarism, xenophobia, clericalism and homophobia. Now Radical Party’s activists initiated company for rejecting European visas, as it was adopted earlier concerning Belarussian officials, for all Russian officials, including Yuri Luzhkov, who are personally guilty in the violence over civil and human rights of the different groups of citizens of Russian Federation. And I think that only international solidarity of LGBT-activists, liberal and libertarian politics, and human rights lawyers all over the world could save situation with human rights and, particularly, with rights of sexual minorities in such problematic countries, as Russia.

Thank you very much and
kiitos paljon!