Sunday, November 25, 2007

Radical Party activist was arrested and beaten by police in Moscow yesterday.

Serge Konstantinov, an activist of Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational & Transparty, and "Free Radicals" libertarian movement, was arrested and beaten by police in Moscow, during the nonviolent Moscow's "March of Disagree" in November, 24. Serge's now also is one of activists who are participants of presidential electoral campaign of the former Soviet dissident and human rights lawyer Vladimir Bukovsky. Serge took part in that March as, previously, an activist of this campaign.

The police has broken his nose during the yesterday's arrest and freed Serge only in 1 o'clock of night (according to the law they have right to keep him in the police department during only 3-hours-term of arresting maximum), when Moscow's underground (metro) was already closed. Today doctor has officially detected the fact of his beating.

Radical party's officials issued a special press-release in support of Serge (par Italiano):

Press-service of Free Radicals.

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