Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Radical Party's activist Serge Konstantinov arrested on 15 days,

including the New Year's eve, according to Sunday's verdict of Moscow fascistic "judge". This fuckin' judge sentenced also 2 other young democratic movement activists - Dmitry Konstantinov and Alexey Ignatenko - to 10 days of arrest. After all, other 4 activists who were spectators on that court's process(Valentina Chubarova, Maria Paramonova, Nikolay Zboroshenko and Aleksey Kazakov) arrested after their protests against totally unlawful closing of the judge's meeting. Now they're in the police (until morning), and they're also risks to get 10 or 15 days of arrest.

You must to know, my dear foreign friends, that Russia is absolutely non-democratic, fascistic state, there people have no freedom of speech and manifestations. KGB again, like in Soviet totalitarian times, governs this state. And the majority of our people has totally slavery psychology and mentality, and authorities uses this fact "successfully".

I think that position of Western authorities and parliaments is shameful: they are, de facto, supports fascistic Putin's dictature because of having oil and gass from it. This factor has a quite important role in the fact that our fuckin' dictatorship becomes more and more strong. The elections falsifies, the laws becomes more and more repressive, human rights are not observes.

Important note: Serge continues his hunger strike against unlawful arrest he announced in the midnight of Friday\Saturday.

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