Thursday, May 3, 2012

Open letter to our Radical Party's comrades in Italy.

Dear Radical friends,

As you may know, Moscow’s authorities unlawfully prohibited nonviolent and peaceful action of protest (on Manezhnaya square) against future Putin’s inauguration. As you undoubtedly know, Putin’s “victory” on these elections was proclaimed officially, although the elections were not honest. The action will be performed by Russian oppositional activists from the different regions of Russian Federation on Manezhnaya square, in the very center of Moscow, at 7 o’clock p.m. of local time on May, 6.

We, Russian Nonviolent Radical Party’s (and\or “Free Radicals” libertarian movement’s) militants ask you to support Moscow’s action of May, 6 through picketing of Russian embassy in Rome on May, 6, or, if it will be impossible that day, on May, 7.

Thank you very much for your possible support.

Sincerely, -
Alex Moma
Serge Konstantinov
Oleg Vasiliev
Sergey Kostylyov
Maria Smirnova
Vsevolod Chernozub
Olga Antonova


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