Thursday, June 23, 2011

Marco Pannella is on hunger and thirst strike for Italy go back and be a democracy.

On 23 June the left-leaning newspaper il Manifesto published a picture of Marco Pannella on the cover with the title “his prisons”.

On Tusday June 21st a group of members of the NRPTT to end the censorship surrounding Pannella's iniziative projected the video below on the building seat of RAI (the Italian public broadcasting system) in which Pannella calls for an Amnesty to allow the Italian Republic to go back to be a full-fledged democracy. The video was eventually projected on the oldest Roman prison of Regine Coeli and the Ministry of Justice. The demonstration was eventually stopped by the police....


This is the official version of the letter sent to Marco Pannella by the President of the Italian Republic

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