Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New issue of ICT's Tibet Press Watch is now available.

Here are a few of the stories now online from the latest edition of ICT's Tibet Press Watch newsletter . . .

*Protest: Defending Tibet's Heritage*

After the 2008 uprisings that spontaneously spread across the Tibetan plateau, China's repressions were brutal, and citizens rightly feared for their freedom and their lives. This justifiable fear makes recent events all the more remarkable. Read more ...

*From the ICT Blog: Understanding the Dalai Lama's Retirement Statement*

The recent media statements by the Dalai Lama about his desire to announce complete retirement has create a buzz among Tibet watchers at all levels. I have no doubt that the Chinese government, primarily, and all concerned governments are studying the implication of such a development. Read more ...

*In Memoriam: Wangchuk Meston*

*Films to Watch For: Tibet in Song*

*Book Review: In the Shadow of the Buddha*

Also in this issue:*

* Tibet Press Coverage [ ]

* ICT News & Reports [ ]

* From the ICT Blog [ ]

*New ICT Report:*
The Kyegu Earthquake: Six Months On

*Take Action for Dhondup Wangchen*

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