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Famous Russian victim of so-called "anti-pedophilic" paranoia.

Health of Arrested Professor Has Sharply Worsened.
By Alexandra Solomina

In the night of 16-17 January Anatoly Ryabov suffered his second hypertonic
crisis in a week, informs his lawyer Igor Trunov.

Let us remember that Anatoly Ryabov, renowned pianist and professor at
the Central Music School at the Moscow State Conservatory named after P I
Tchaikovsky, Honoured Worker of the Arts of the Russian Federation, long-time professor at the Conservatory, was arrested on 14 January under point (b), part 4, item 132 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation: “Violent Actions of Sexual Character”.

The facts about Ryabov’s detention have become known. The application to the prosecutor’s office was submitted by the mother of Irina, Ryabov’s student, one day prior to his arrest. The prosecutor’s office acted on the application solely on the word of the applicant. Even in Mikhail Pletnev’s case the authorities were not so rigid. The application in this case does not appear justified.

“We simply don’t understand of what he is accused,” said Ryabov’s lawyer
Igor Trunov. “There is no proof. All is absolutely unfounded, is based on the application of the mother of this girl. There were no examinations of the girl; a psychologist did not speak with her. I could never imagine that my client – and elderly man in poor health, which such positive characteristics, registered in Moscow – would be put behind bars. He could not and would not run anywhere; this was hugely unexpected for us. The judge had only one basis for locking him up: the weight of the crime of which my client is suspected. In his annual address the president said it is necessary to be involved with childhood. And with one letter a person’s reputation has been blackened!

In the prosecutor’s office Ryabov became ill from the pressure and was taken to the prison branch of the 20th hospital. Nevertheless, on 15 January the decision of the closed judicial panel was passed and Anatoly Ryabov was placed in a solitary confinement cell. It is not known why the decision was this instead of placing him under pledge not to leave a certain place, or under house arrest. As of 18 January the professor of music Anatoly Ryabov, 65 years, has been taken into custody at Pre-Trial Detention Centre No. 5 and quarantined with no visitors permitted.

In the meantime, today the facts of another firing at the Central Music School have been released. Stanislav Alexandrovich Katenin, of the wind instrument and percussion faculty, in relation to 11 year old contrabass player Lyova Lysenko. A previous victim of administrative reprisals at the school was mathematics teacher Maria Ivanovna Salazkina.

The scandal with Anatoly Ryabov, which appears to stem from quite different
motives, has not remained local. Many leading Russian media outlets have
broadcast it. As fault of the teacher has not been proven, some have hurried to attribute that the accusations will possibly not end up in a single lawsuit. The majority of the editions have made their own investigations and expressed doubt at the accusations.

“There is a struggle. The director considers Ryabov a competitor whom parents and students would like to take the seat as head. It has been explained as slander. In such cases there are two typical scenarios: the person is accused of bribery or sexual harassment. It was suggested that Ryabov leave, and nothing would come of it. Though he left, he had regrets and came to consult with me.”

According to the lawyer, Ryabov came to him at the end of 2010, a month before his arrest. The lawyer advised him to petition to have his job reinstated, asking his resignation to be nullified as it was written under pressure. The day after Ryabov made the petition for his job, the application for corruption of the 13 year old Irina was brought forward.

In turn, to hide the problems at the Central School at the Moscow Conservatory is obviously not possible. Illegal prosecutions and firings of dissenting teachers have occurred en masse. Parents have united to protect children against the orders reigning at the school. Children have been organized to boycott lessons with teacher-strikebreakers.

For example, this link leads to a shocking video of “Sex with Anfisha Chekhova” about the composer and erotomane Jaroslav Sudzilovsky, whose ballet “The Furious Phallus” was a revelation to critics and the ordinary listener. Mr. Sudzilovski now teaches composition to children at the Central Music School.

In the background of the arrest of Anatoly Ryabov, of which the reasons are
possibly far from the accusations, is a question: what and who now teach the children at the Central Music School with the mass layoffs of the teachers, teachers who are the gold that brought glory to this school?

PS: 18.01.2011 13:27 – The firing of Stanislav Katenin has not legally been
issued. Current information available is that he has submitted a letter of
resignation “of his own accord”.

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