Monday, November 17, 2008

This Saturday

I've baptized in the Thelemic "Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica", as decided in September. Moscow's Thelemites from O.T.O.'s Pan's Asylum Camp and its Church are my good friends, and according to their invites I took part in the Gnostic Masses - during past 2 years every 3-4 weeks. Also I red and heard the lections in Moscow's Colledge "Thelema-93". So, now I'm a spiritual member of O.T.O.

At the same time, I'm staying, of course, a "strict" Gnostic and Gnostic texts' translator and researcher and as a member of classical Gnostic "Ecclesia Gnostica Russica" (created in Saint-Petersburgh not as a branch or a parish, but as a follower-in-common of the "Ecclesia Gnostica"; I was its co-ordinator since January until July, 2007). As I know, there are only two large esoteric organisations of Occultic type - Theosophical Society (including its Russian branch), and O.T.O., those position concerning their adept's membership in and studying of another Occultic and esoteric organisations \ traditions is completely positive.

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