Saturday, March 15, 2008

Radical Party - India - Tibet

13/03/2008 | Long March to Tibet: three Members of the Nonviolent Radical Party in India begin hunger strike to support more than 100 monks arrested.


Dhera, India, 13 March 2008

• Statement by Matteo Mecacci, Sergio D’Elia e Marco Perduca, members of the radical delegation that has joined the march started last March 10th.
Today Indian authorities in the northern region of Kangra have arrested and jailed for 10 hours over 100 participants in "The Long March to Tibet". The demonstrators - mainly Tibetan monks - have all being condemned to 14 days of detention for having refused to sign a document stating that they would pledge not to continue their march. They are currently being held in the Yateri Niwas' detention centre.
According to a law which regulates the presence of foreigners in India, the demonstrators now risk up to 5 years of jail unless they sign the document mentioned above within the next 14 days.

The demonstrators have immediately gone on hunger strike in order to have the right to demonstrate respected and thus to continue their "Long March to Tibet". We have joined their hunger strike. It is likely that new initiatives will be taken within the next few hours.

For this reason we have decided to extend our stay in India, so that we will be able to keep track of this new, nonviolent initiative of our Tibetan friends.


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