Saturday, February 12, 2011

A long-waited Congress of Nonviolent Radical Party.

The 39th Congress of the Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational and Transparty is officially confirmed for February 17-20 in Chianciano (Italy).

In another message all organizational and logistical information will be forwarded.

To convene our Congress with such a short notice has been a difficult choice, considered the structural weaknesses of our party. However, it was a necessary choice - a decision that we owe, first and foremost, to the many representatives of oppressed and non represented peoples, and to the many nonviolent activists and leaders, who in the last decades have trusted the Party and have demonstrated to be interested and to believe in the political project and reality it represents.

Indeed, we need to update and to propose, again and more strongly, the tools and goals of political nonviolence, of democratic hope, of the universal affirmation of human rights, of European and world federalism as alternatives to the degeneration of liberal democracies towards ‘real democracies’, to the persistent illusion of absolute national sovereignty, and to the eventual systematic cancellation of human rights that have been historically acquired and are now perceived as ‘natural’.

While we are organizing for Thursday, January 20 a demonstration in London to ask the truth on the war in Iraq, which is a key part of the initiative of convening the Congress, we kindly ask you to be ready from now, in your country, in your town, within your political movement or association and with your friends, to circulate this invitation in order to have the highest possible number of significant participants in the Chianciano Congress.

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