Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another one fascistic action of Russian police. service interrupted by excessive police action.

Today (March 17th 2010) police investigators showed up at the datacenter located at building 5 on 2nd Entuziastov street. They produced a statement entitling them to conduct operational search in order to obtain some evidence located at the site.

Employees in charge offered to take each and every reasonable step in order to obtain the evidence, and to track a user responsible for uploading the information in question. However, the offer was unexpectedly turned down. Instead, policemen started to insist on seizure and removing of ALL of the Agava's equipment (approx 100 servers) and taking it to police headquarters for the purpose of their own investigation. After some intense debates the seizure was averted. Unfortunately, as an alternative the investigators switched off and sealed all of the iFolder servers and also a number of servers that had no relation to iFolder whatsoever.

Agava considers that unprecedented event as putting in jeopardy and dimming the future of every business in Runet. We are determined to challenge and overcome the excessive and destructive actions we encountered, to protect our customer's interests. We thank our clients in advance for their patience, and for media and other support they provide us with.

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