Tuesday, December 22, 2009

For Radical, liberal and libertarian friends.

Dear friends,


in December, 23, in 5 o'clock in Moscow will be process against Radical party and Free Radicals activist Serge Konstantinov according to paragraph 20.2 of Russian Administrative Code. There's no risk of his inprisonment (5 -- 15 days) on that paragraph (unlike p. 19.3), but there's a risk of fee and, as a result of such verdict, a risk of his (and Mikhail's too) future criminal prosecution (on falsified basis - article 318, "violence against representative of authorities") in the case of administrative judging of Serge.

Today's process against Mikhail Kriger on p. 20.2 wasn't finished again because of police's falsification of the proceeding's documents. Earlier falsified administrative proceeding against Mikhail and Serge according to paragraph 19.3 were returned to the police by judge.

I hope somebody of European Deputies or somebody from the Italian embassy in Moscow will present on these process for supporting Serge.

The Address of the court:
Moscow, Center, Novaya Ploshchad', 7\8, build. 1.

Thanks you.
Alex Moma, partito radicale, Moscow.


Christian Prophet said...

Not much freedom in Russia. Check out the message from Jesus Christ, libertarian:

Alex Rainy said...

According to the Freedom House opinion, Russia is not free country, and I completely agree with its marking. Thanks for the link, very much.