Saturday, November 21, 2009

Excuse me for long silence. This year (and, as I hope, only this year in so wild life-regime) because of serious scientific and, at the same time, Gnostic work I have no free time to write here, because posts in English occupies more time and personal energy than in Russian as a native. But today I'd wanted to celebrate with you (virtually) an important data in the history of modern Europe: yesterday, according to the decision of Russian Constitutional Court, death penalty in Russia was de-facto finally prohibited. We, Radical Party's and "Free Radicals" activists, are very glad and hope that our so-called "parliament", at least, will ratify the
6th Additional Protocol to the Human rights convention of the European Union, that prohibites death penalty on the lewel of internal law.

Thanks to all of you, who signed our petitions against death penalty in Russia (and all around the world).

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