Thursday, January 15, 2009

I support Israel. Completely.

I think its actions against HAMAS are absolutely justicial. Israel realizes its root right on self-defense and long-term anti-terroristic strategy. I hope this campaign will be more successful than "Lebanon" campaign-2006.

"My" Transnational Radical Party also allways supported Israel as democratic state.

Good night.


yaz said...

you must remember that this people are actually firing at their own land or the land that used to be theirs... in that sense they are just simply defending their own land. That is what the Palestinians are doing

if some people took your house wouldn't you fight back?

The act of Israel firing towards Palestinians is simply a continual act of assault. How can you defend something that is not initially yours?

Alex Rainy said...

This was an action agains Palestinian terrorists, who continually attacked Israeli towns and cities. I support it.