Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Putin's Russia as Fascistic Dictatorship of Special Type.

Somebody <.......@yahoo.com> wrote in "Gnostic Politics":

Topic: Did God or the Demiurge[?] tell Bush in invade Iraq and to
wage war? What do you thinkk of this?

My today's answer:

I think not only G.W. Bush, but all the U.S. neo-conses, with their total moralistic quasi-religious sanctimony, heard the voice of Jaldabaoth, not God's! But our "President", Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is much worse than Bush, I think he's even straight incarnation of somebody from Demiurge's "Angels" crowd: he invaded Chechnya and killed democratic freedoms in Russia - almost all freedoms. And he's establishing, step by step, Orthodoxal-clerical type of state in Russia of the early 21th century.

Sincerely, -
Alex Moma,
a member of
Ecclesia Gnostica Russica,
Moscow region, Russia.

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